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    Brief presentation of the Department

    History - Sections
    • Annex Grevena TEI was established in 2003 with the operation of the department of Applied Informatics in Administration and Economy.
    • In 2009 and operated the two new segments:
    Business Informatics and Management Supply Systems.
    Present situation
    • From the new academic year (2013-2014) will
    operate a Business Administration with two introductory lines:
    • Business Administration Hospitality & Tourism Management (Sci. Block 4, no. 150 admissions)
    • Business Administration (in both directions from the 5th semester, Sci. Block 4, no. 150 admissions):
    • Management Information Systems
    • Business Administration


    • The department is housed in Myrsina Grevena, in modern facilities which opened in 2010 (the final delivery was made in December 2012)
    • The buildings are located in an area of ​​120 acres. They connected by optical fiber and have full networking equipment and control parameters
    operation of the building (buildings controlled by a central computer system).
    • The educational equipment of buildings is excellent.
    • All rooms have complete sound system - sound system, projection equipment, video playback equipment.
    • Workshops beyond equipping classrooms with full electrical - electronic installation and networking facility.



    • Currently serving five (5) members
    Teaching staff, four Assistant
    Professors and a Lecturer:
    • Two (2) Economists
    • Two (2) Information
    • One (1) with specialization in Information Systems
    • In section serves remarkable exceptional teaching staff are fully qualified
    Management of Tourist Business
    Hospitality Operations
    • This section is new in TEI for the first time will work in Grevena from the academic year 2013-2014.
    • The curriculum was designed based on the best of Greece curricula and Abroad
    • The main objective of the department is to create strains that will contribute to the restructuring of the tourism industry.
    • The courses are four major areas:
    • Tourism Business Administration (Management, Strategy, Finance, Marketing,

    Tourism Development -Geografia)

    • Information
    • feeding sections
    • Special forms of tourism (Agritourism, Monasterial, etc.)
    Management (MIS)
    • Track: Management Information Systems
    • Focus on the creation, support and use of modern management support systems
    • The curriculum has four main pillars:
    • Programming
    • Databases
    • Detection of internal and external environment
    • Design, planning, organization and support processes
    Business (dioecious. Business Planning.)
    • Track: Business Administration
    • The aim of the department is to create strains that will have the ability - the ability to apply modern theories and techniques in business management.
    • The curriculum has five main axes:
    • Business Administration (Management, Strategy, Finance)
    • Marketing
    • Design, planning, organization and support processes
    • Financially
    • LogistikiEpangelmatika rights
    • All directions in Business Administration based in Grevena fully and guaranteed occupational rights.








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