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    Grevena is located on the south side of Western Macedonia. It is a rural county and has the highest percentage of land covered by forests. The presence of the Institute of Grevena gives, the last years, a new life and vitality to the area. 1/3 of the county occupies the eastern slopes of the Northern Pindos Mountains, which dominate the Orliakas Mountains, lynx and Smolikas. In mountainous Grevena one can enjoy winter sports, navigate the dense hillsides, but also can enjoy the food and accommodation in the beautiful traditional houses.

    The national park of Valia Calda, is the most important in our country and has an area of ​​129 350 hectares. Established in 1966 to protect the rich fauna and flora, in particular the protection of ancient bushes and black pine in the region, following actions Philodassiki Athens Union. The core has an area of ​​33,600 acres and consists of the valley of Valia Calda (1,200 m.) And the slopes of the surrounding Flegga peak (2,159 m.) Ears (2.082 m.), Egg (2,177 m.). The park is located south of the village Perivoli.

    The traditional stone bridges in the region of Grevena dating to the Ottoman era. They built by popular self craftsmen static knowledge more by instinct and many years of experience and is worthy of admiration both for technical and for their aesthetic attachment to the area. Genius pioneers of the technique the master builders, hoisted along with the anonymous minions these art monuments forming arrests highly popular inspiration. The names of the bridges associated with the location, the sponsor, the manufacturer or with some particularity have. Beyond their economic contribution to the development of onshore trade, still played an important role in raising the cultural area, the preservation of information and single national consciousness.

    The Venetian, a tributary of Aliakmonas and its smaller tributaries, fed by the largest mountain range of Western Macedonia formed by the mountains of Smolikas Vasilitsa, Orliakas and Valia Caldas (Warm Valley in Vlach). It is the largest and polyndroterou river network throughout Western Macedonia, along with the geographical location of the region between Macedonia and Epirus, and thus the crossing of important roads (typical Roman "Basilica Strata", the axis Mavranei - Ziakas - Orliakas - Liagkouna - Orchard Vovousa) imposed linking the river with bridges, from antiquity to the present day.

    It is an area which is ideal for mountain hiking (trekking) and sports rivers (kayak etc.), which can be developed as long as the area with the many bridges (mainly along the Venetian) is located on the routes from Grevena to interesting tourist areas of high altitude. Of the most beautiful routes that can be enjoyed is starting from the Monachiti bridge and crosses the beautiful and lush valley leading to Spanos bridge. During the route we meet four stone bridges from the Ottoman era.

    A short distance from the city of Grevena is the ski center of Vasilitsa, which in recent years has become one of the country's most important ski centers and each time flooded with thousands of visitors. It has a sliding lift length 1100m, and capacity 600 persons per hour, an aerial lift length 845,6m and capacity of 1400 skiers per hour, a three-seater aerial lift length 991,4m and capacity of 1800 skiers per hour and finally a baby lift. The lifts serving 12 ski slopes. For special evening experience works illuminated track. The infrastructure is very good, and hostels and inns, which offer quiet holiday in a beautiful nature, exist in all the villages in the surrounding area.



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