Department of Business Administration (Grevena)

  • Education and Research Committee

    The Education and Research Committees in Universities and Technical Colleges first established by the B1 819 / 02.21.79 Ministerial Decision to create a flexible way for managing the funds of the survey of higher education institutions.

    The Special Account Management Committee was formed in 1996 by Ministerial Decision EC / 679/1996 (Government Gazette 826 / 10.9.96 / vol.B '), common for universities and TEI, replacing the Research Committees, set up first at the universities and TEI 1988 in order to create a flexible body, which is controlled by auditors at the end of each year.

    The purpose of the Account is to provide and manage funds from any source, intended to cover the costs of any kind necessary for the research needs, education, training, development and ongoing training projects and projects for scientific, technological and artistic services, specialized studies, performance testing, laboratory test measurements and analyzes, providing advice, drafting specifications to third parties, as well as other related services or activities that contribute to linking education and research with production and executed or provided by the scientific staff of the Institute or in collaboration with universities, research centers and other specialists.



TEI Western Macedonia 

Department of Business Administration

6ο klm Grevena Kozani

GR, 51100  Grevena 

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Secretary         2462061601 

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